Our main competence

The main goal of our business is to support business ))
Basically, we are the expert company specializing in establishing and support of the import and export activities.
We can arrange almost every kind of deal in Russia, from agricultural products supply and to the hi-tech joint ventures.
For these purposes we provide the analytical services to monitor the markets and to locate the proper partner for our clients.
If necessary, we arrange the contract infrastructure like legal counseling, logistics coverage and warehousing or other services.
We are "proud", by realized projects.
Over the recent period, the volume of projects implemented has amounted to: corn more than 15,000 tons, soybean 2000 tons, copper 1800 tons, wheat more than 50,000 tons, oil more than 2000 tons.

We are ready to offer the whole range of warehouse services on terminals in Moscow and Orenburg. We have sufficient areas with the appropriate conditions for temperature, humidity, air conditioning, with load-lifting equipment, qualified personnel, for processing loads of varying complexity.

If we understand what particular material or good is needed by our customer, we will do everything necessary to make the deal done.
Main points of importance in export operations are:
first of all – proper contracting according with both Russian and Chinese legal rules;
the export permissions, because some categories of the goods (like fluorites or some types of clays) require it;
arrangement of transportation and warehousing, that is very important while dealing with agricultural products.
Sometimes, the preparation in necessary for the goods before the transportation to reduce the weight or additionally pack it to ensure the safety. This could be performed by the temporary service facilities on the site.

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Organization of export from Russia
Agricultural products
Non-metallic minerals
Ores, concentrates and finished metals

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  • Grains\Beans
  • Vegatable Oil
  • Flour
  • Coal
  • Oil and petroleum products
  • Forest materials
  • Metals
  • Grains suitable for animal feed
  • Meat
  • Olive Oil
  • Fertilizers
  • Honey\Nuts