Flour of the highest grade - consists of finely ground (0.1-0.2 mm) particles of endosperm, mainly the inner layers.


It differs from krupchatka in that when rubbing between the fingers it does not feel grains.

Its color is white with a slightly creamy tinge. Top grade flour contains a very low percentage of gluten. The best category of the highest grade is called "extra." Often used as a thickener in sauces, and also suitable for baking.


This grade of flour is most common in the manufacture of high-grade flour products. Wheat flour of the highest grade has good baking properties, its products have a good volume and fine developed porosity.



Wheat flour fractions of 1 grade have a size of up to 60 microns and paint the powder white with shades of yellowish or grayish. The reason for this darkening is the presence in the product of ground particles of the shell. According to GOST, the ash content of this product is 0.75%, and gluten takes at least 30% of the composition. Crumb is usually white or grayish. The taste can be very different, depending on the additional ingredients and baking conditions.


In terms of chemical composition, this flour is the most beneficial to health. Its ash content is 1.1-1.25%, the color is yellowish or grayish. When comparing it with the highest or 1 grade with the naked eye, the difference in particle size becomes visible. Despite its rich composition, this product is not good enough to bake in its pure form, because it contains less gluten. For this reason, for baking, it is usually interfered with higher grades.


Wheat grain flour from flour consists of fractions of various sizes (60-200 microns) and usually contains even less gluten than second-rate. From it the bread most saturated with useful substances is baked, but it often turns out friable, falling apart and slightly rigid. Because of this, the casing is also mixed with sticky varieties.

The following table shows the calorie, nutritional values, as well as the content of some vitamins and minerals per 100 g of bakery wheat flour.

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